Jon Klassen: I want my hat back

Nobody has seen my hat. What if I never see it again? What if nobody ever finds it? My poor hat. I miss it so much.


This post talks about what happens in the book. It might ruin the surprise for you. Please do not read if you do not want the surprise ruined. Thank you anyway.

Why I read it

I was in Kinokuniya. I wandered to the picture books. I looked for books by Oliver Jeffers and Lemony Snicket. I was distracted by a book on a special stand. It had a bear on the front. The bear looked nice. I opened the book.

What happens

In the start the bear was sad. He was looking for his hat. He asked his friends, but they had not seen his hat. Then I noticed the rabbit was wearing the hat. The bear did not notice. I wanted to shout at the bear that the rabbit had the hat. I wanted the bear to find his hat. I started to read faster to see if he would find it. Then suddenly the bear realised he had seen his hat! His eyes went big and the whole page went red and he started talking in capital letters. It made me laugh. The bear ran back to the rabbit. I think there was a fight.

I think the bear might have eaten the rabbit.

What happened next

I put the book down. I looked at it. I wondered if I should buy the book. I thought about my friend who has many shelves of unopened action figures. I thought about what I thought about him. I thought, maybe I should not buy this children’s book.

I did not buy the book.

What happened after that

I could not stop thinking about the book. I told my friends about the book. They laughed. I told my family about the book. They laughed too. I watched a video about the book. I emailed it to some other friends. I decided to buy the book.

I went back to the shop. The book was not there. The book was sold out.

I went to a cafe and looked up the book on the internet. I read some of the readers’ comments to my friend. I liked the teacher who described what happened when she read it to her class. I also liked the one where the man said he was going to demand a refund because the book was bad for children. I thought that one was very funny. My favourite was the comment from a little boy. He said, ‘Well I guess that’s what happens when you’re a rabbit and a bear.’

I realised something.


Then what happened

I went to a different bookshop.


I bought the book. I read it to myself. I read it with my friend. I went to meet some other friends. We read it together too.

I love my new book.


This book was mostly read all over the place.


Jon Klassen talks about moral ambiguity, the art of storytelling, and the rabbit’s blank, blank eyes in this interview with Inis Magazine.


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